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Sleeping Beauty 👑👑👑

Every year without fail my Mum and Step-Dad have taken Ivy to the Manor Operatic pantomime at the City Hall. This year I decided to go myself and took Ivy along to Sheffield City Hall to see Sleeping Beauty. It’s a lovely Christmas event and hopefully next year Albie will be able to join us at the pantomime. Sheffield has an amazing variety of different pantomimes to choose from.

The Manor Operatic Society put on an annual pantomime and its by far the most kid friendly around with the added bonus that the kids get to go on the stage at the end! Its full of fun, laughter and magic! With plenty of sing-alongs, dance routines and a cast that is great at getting the audience up and involved.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip last night and were engaged throughout it all! Considering it started at 6.15pm and lasted till 8.45pm that’s pretty good going! Ivy loved the good witch, whilst my favourite was definitely Queen Rita and Sue! Ivy had a blast, with a Cheshire Cat grin plastered across her face the whole time! There’s a part in the show all about baking where the characters threw dough into the audience… Ivy not only loved this, the bit of dough she caught even came home with her…

Going to the pantomime is great event especially, if like me, you’re no good at the after Christmas before New Year period! It’s an amazing show and a lovely family event.

If you’re in Sheffield over Christmas get yourself down to City Hall and see Sleeping Beauty!

The Sleeping Beauty Team! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Production Officials Produce & Director: Richard Bradford

Director & Choreographer: Linda Kelly

Musical Director: Andy Collis

Assistant Musical Director: Mathew Symonds

Show business at Manor Operatic is not just about being ‘On’ Stage! Society Officials Chairman: Richard Foster

Treasurer: Howard Mee

Assistant Treasurer: Elizabeth Mee

Management Committee: Richard Bradford, Richard Foster, Linda Kelly, Elizabeth Mee, Howard Mee,

Society Trustees Irwin Taylor, Richard Foster

Stage Manager: Pete Brown

Wardrobe Mistress: Lynn Jackson

Assisted by: Jean Rodgers, Sandra Dunwell & Team

House Managers: Philip Eyre

Make-up: Pat Bunting, Sue Russell & Team

Marketing Manager: Emily McGeoch

Properties: Isabel Frost

Assisted by: Emma Glaves

Programme Editor: Chris Hanlon

Sound: Dave and Pauline Gregory of Dave Gregory Productions

Lighting: Limelight Presentaton Systems LTD

Child Registration Officer: Simon Hance

Chaperones: Jillian Povey, Gemma Mitchell, Alice Mee

Philip Smith, Linda Lawrie, Sarah Skelton & Rachel Mayfield

Life Members: Ann Hunt, Maria Platts, Doreen & Irwin Taylor

Ticket Administrator: Mabel Delamore

01709 365108 Back Stage Crew: TBC

Cast List:

Princess Primula (Sleeping Beauty) Emily Mae Hoyland

Prince Alexander/Alex Liam Gordon

Queen Rita Robert Spink

King Crumpet Paul Hill

Muddles James Smith

Silly Sue Lauren Lomas

Witch Caraboss Emily McGeoch

Pick Chris Hanlon

Flick Andy Finnerty

Fairy Winter Emma Flanagan

Fairy Spring Grace Stoddart

Fairy Summer Hannah Carter

Fairy Autumn Bethan Griffiths

The voice of the Dragon Lee Stott

The Dragonnettes Holly-Mae Norris

Fern Lynch-Bowers

Holly Parker-Strawson

Tara Kulbatski Mu

The Dancers Ellie Bailey, Becky Booker, Bethany-Jo Cutforth, Rhianna Cutforth, Amy Godhard,

Connor Povey, Megan Sayles, Emily Siddall, Jack Skelton

The Ensemble  Ellie Bailey, Becky Booker, Evie May Bradford, Robyn Brennan, Richard Coddington,

Bethany Cutforth, Rhianna Cutforth, Callam Fellows, Harry Foster-Major,

Charley Fowles, Megan Flower, Lauren Gibson, Lilly Glaves, Amy Godhard,

Digory Holmes, Sandi Johnson, Tara Kulkbatski Mu,  Harry Lynch-Bowers, Fern Lynch-Bowers Alice Maher, Rachel Marshall, Tia Marshall, Alicia Mayfield, Elizabeth Mee, Grace Mitchell,

Carley Rose Moris Holly-Mae Norris, Holly Parker-Strawson, Megan Sayles,

Emily Siddall, Jack Skelton, Grace Stoddart, Lee Stott, Emma Thacker,

Hannah Vickers, Rachel Wadsworth, Tom Walker

The Orchestra Musical Director – Andy Collis

Assistant MD/Keyboards – Matthew Symonds

Keyboards/Guitar – Geoff Allanach

Guitar – Dave Brocklebank

Bass Guitar – Richard Dodd

Drums – Keith Ramskill

Percussion – Heather Jackson

Woodwind – Martin Little

Trumpet/Woodwind – Brian Winter

Trumpet – Damien Bell

Trombone – Christian Hines

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