Childcare Ideas

Tegu Blocks

I’ve always said I wouldn’t write about anything I wouldn’t happily use myself or my little ones wouldn’t want to play with. So let me introduce TEGU BLOCKS!!

Tegu blocks are building blocks with a twist… they have magnets inside!

Every child loves a building block, the Tegu Blocks means they can take building a step further. The blocks don’t come with any instructions. So as soon as the blocks are out the box its all about imagination. The magnets allow the builder to build out, not just up.

The magnets are inside the blocks and whilst strong enough to build with, you don’t need to worry about any trapped little fingers. The little ones have loved making towers and bridges whilst the slightly bigger ones particularly love trying to build cars with the magnetic wheels!

The blocks are made from sustainable American hardwood and painted with non-toxic dyes.

The blocks are great for fine motor skills, pattern recognition, balance, imaginative play etc.

You can pick up a set of Tegu Blocks from, they’re worth it!

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