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Dear Santa…


Ahhhh the list… Every child has one as soon as Christmas rolls around. As both a mum and someone who cares for children everyday, the list is something with which I’m very familiar with. I thought a good post would be suggestions for presents from everyone from your newborn to gifts for the whole family.

This week the kids have enjoyed looking at Tesco’s catalogue of toys to write their Christmas lists. The catalogues come with stickers for the children to stick on the toys that they like and it has kept our lot very busy!

For the kids…

  • Grimms wooden toys – great for open ended and imaginative play. (This is where I got my AMAZING rainbow!)
  • John Lewis has some great wooden toys as well at the moment – this wooden garage is amazing!
  • Kidsstuffcrazy – bath time body paint, crazy foams! Great stocking fillers, plus they make bath-time and rainy days loads of fun.
  • Wooden play kitchen and wooden food – Since I started childminding I’ve had our wooden kitchen out and it’s still played with every single day! One of the best places to get the kitchen and wooden foods is Great Little Trading Co.
  • Brian’s Little Art Paint sticks especially for those of you that are a bit more scared of mess!
  • Coloured sand – The Early Learning Centre is great for coloured sands.
  • TUFF spot
  • Bike
  • Clothes or clothes vouchers – I’m pretty picky when it comes to clothes so have given up asking the parents for clothes and just ask for vouchers mainly from Next or Fruit 😊
  • For the little ones who are just that bit to small to enjoy Christmas (or the ones that have tipped over in to the teenage years…) I’d suggest putting a little money into a savings account because one day they’ll need that a lot more than some random toys that may be played with a handful of times.
  • Melissa & Doug toys and puzzles


  • Otter tots – swimming lessons
  • Board Games – never to early to get them into the fun of family board games like Monopoly.
  • Memories… next year myself and Mr.Childcare Adventures will be taking our two to Disneyland! I decided that rather than going crazy with more presents we should go a bit crazy on the memory front so we booked this 😍n018001_2050jan31_dream_900x360

Most importantly it’s about spending time as a family and having fun! Don’t go too mad trying to find the latest “it” toy because in my experience they’ll probably not be that bothered about it once its arrived… (much to my annoyance)

Most toys are played with for a little while and then disappear into the toy box.

Memories as they say last a lifetime❤

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