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Christmas Eve Box

As I’ve been scrolling through social media recently I’ve seen a lot of Christmas Eve boxes that people are making and thought I’d write a little idea post about how to do your own Christmas Eve Box and how these have become a bit of a tradition in our house.

I’ve made Ivy a Christmas Eve Box for as long as I can remember and they have always gone down really well. Its also really nice to make your own, instead of buying a ready made one (although thats fine too) as you get to choose what goes inside and its actually quite fun too!

I think it’s important to make sure that they aren’t overly phased by what’s inside and just stick to a few key bits to not take away the magic from Christmas day! Also kids are happy with the smallest of things so don’t go too mad!

Christmas Eve Box 2016

We often go to a live nativity on Christmas eve at Totley Hall Farm which is absolutely fab (if you ever get chance to go, GO!!!!) ‘During’ this time the elves happen to visit our house and leave Ivy her Christmas Eve Box (and Albie this year) We leave it just by the fireplace and don’t mention it until she realises it’s there!

Totley Hall Farm Nativity 2016

What’s inside?

Pyjamas – The most important thing for us are a nice new pair of pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve. Who doesn’t like a fresh pair of pjs? Especially on the most important night of the year! I tend to get my kids pjs from Next as I find that they last so long and wash really well too. They also do them in a range of sizes which means both Ivy and Albie get to wear the same pjs which they love!

Christmas Pjs – Next 2016

Bath Bomb – A glittery bath bomb is key so that the reindeer can spot the kids sparkling when they’re asleep and come and visit our house! I always get these from Lush because I find that their bath bombs never irritate my kids skin and also work really well which makes bath time special for my 2! One we have used recently was ‘Starry Night’ which turns the water blue and shimmery and smells devine!

Starry Night Bath Bomb

(Tip: Don’t go for a Jelly bomb because they havent yet worked for us!)

Reindeer Food – Basically some porridge oats and glitter in a nice bag ๐Ÿ˜‰ We like to throw the reindeer food out of our front door and on our roof so that the reindeer have something to eat whilst they wait for Father Christmas to go down the chimney! To be honest this is really simple to make yourself but we often find it for sale supporting local charities so make some and purchase some.

Ivy throwing food for the reindeers 2016


Magic Key – If you don’t have a chimney then you need to leave Father Christmas a magic key so that he can enter your house! I think the nicest ones again are homemade just get a key dip it in glitter and put some fancy string on it ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks much more exciting and magic that way!

Christmas Book – We add the same book to our box every single year as it’s my favourite Christmas Eve book – ‘The Night Before Christmas‘ and then I purchase another Christmas book to add to our collection ๐Ÿ™‚

Marks and Spencers ยฃ3

Christmas Treat – I like to add some kind of special Christmas chocolate or treat. just something small to enjoy when we read our Christmas stories.

A Note From The Elves – I love a good note in our house! So I just add a small note from the Elves on top to make it that bit more special!

….. and then the rest of the magic is saved for Father Christmas himself ๐Ÿ™‚

We LOVE our Christmas Eve Boxes and especially as it helps to get the kids in bed early ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope we’ve inspired you in some way and would love to know what traditions you have in your house!

What would you add to your Christmas Eve Box?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Box

  1. Reading this has just made me so excited about Christmas eve! We do most of this already (matching Next Pyjamas, new book and treats for Santa and the reindeers) I especially like it as often weโ€™re in a different place each year and the tradition can come with is so the kids know Santa and the elves can find them wherever they are! X


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