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What’s On Your Plate?

Lunchtime… Sometimes its easy and sometimes any food you put in front of your little ones is a big no-no. At the minute Albie has decided his favourite game is to throw anything you put in front of him on the floor – which is rather frustrating!

During the week I have lots of different mini people with lots of different lunchboxes and it’s really interesting to see all the different food out there for kids these days! There really is something for everyone! I think as parents we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to the food our little ones eat and so I wanted to give a few different simple ideas to try and would love to hear yours too.

Food is definitely not my biggest passion and so I always appreciate finding good ideas and quick meals to try with my 2. Especially as both me and Nick work fulltime and by the end of the day we don’t have much energy to create gourmet meals for the family 😉

I have been after some lunchtime inspiration and I’ve recently teamed up with Organix to bring you a few lunchtime ideas for your little ones to get some yummy food into their tummies to keep them running around all day long. My little ones love the Organix range, particularly the carrot sticks, rice cakes and cheesy stars!

A great idea I got from Organix is Gruffalo inspired, which has to be one of my all-time favourite kids books. Organix has partnered with Chessington world of adventure, who have a fab new ride, to create a lunch idea that means your little ones can make their very own EDIBLE Gruffalo!

Gruffalo Muffin Tin Meal - All options.jpg


  • Potato wedges (Terrible tusks)
  • Cooked Peas (Poisonous warts)
  • Cooked Carrot rounds (Orange eyes)
  • Organix Goodies Cheese & Chive Breadsticks (Knobbly knees)
  • Sliced Organix Goodies Apple & Date Fruit Bar (Terrible teeth)
  • Sliced roast chicken breast (roasted fox – if your little one is veggie, swap the chicken for Cheese)

With your ingredients you and your mini ones can recreate the Gruffalo story as they eat! Fun with food!!

Some of the ideas I love to do with both my kids are:

  • Mini Muffin Pizzas
  • Cucumber sticks or carrot sticks
  • Blueberries, strawberries & raspberries
  • Cooked pasta shapes – there’s some amazing cartoon character shapes from places like Tesco.
  • Rice cakes – which you can always jazz up with fruit or veg faces!
  • Mini sandwiches

Eats Amazing  has some amazing ideas for toddler friendly meals. She does some fabulous muffin tin meals which makes the food look fantastic as well as getting the mini ones to try lots of different foods. This is definitely something I’m going to be trying with Albie who is not the best when it comes to eating!


I think with mini ones its all about choice and time. So just try lots of different flavours and give them plenty of opportunity to eat in their own time – you’ll be surprised what they do eat when they can eat it at their own pace.

Holly also posts loads of spectacular food ideas for her little one over on her Instagram account –hollylucyhp so for more inspiration I’d definitely recommend going and having a look at her ideas too!

What do your little ones like to eat?

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