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The Real Life Struggles Of Mr Childcare Adventures


It has been a long time coming but I feel that I need to make you all aware of the day to day struggles I experience as Mr Childcare Adventures.

After a long and exhausting day at work, working as a PE teacher at a secondary school, there is nothing quite like returning home to the distinct noise of young children. As I make my way towards the gate I notice one of the young ones waving a spatula and shouting my name. My wife seems to think its a great idea to use all kitchen utensils as toys and so when I attempt to cook a meal I have to rummage around the garden to find a saucepan or measuring jug.

Paint and sand. What wonderful resources for children to get all creative. Not so wonderful however when you find play sand in your shoes or paint splatted across the kitchen walls. I feel a sense of uncertainty when I arrive home as I am not sure what i will arrive home too. One thing I do know is that the dishwasher and sink full of pots has been neglected due to the busy and exciting day had by Hannah and the children.

If I step on one more organic carrot stick or chewed slice of toast! But dont worry thats what the multi hoover system is about. A hoover especially for all those little bits of food the little ones munch on, they seem to get everywhere! For example how on earth can a 1 year old fit 3 rice cakes and 2 carrot sticks inside a toy car!?

Friday is a special day. As a certified childcare assistant I have been roped into helping out Hannah with a school pick up and childcare. It’s almost like teaching teenagers all day isn’t enough! This role I have gained requires many skills including organising and distributing snacks to the always hungry children. 

It seems that most evenings there is a mad half hour where I become a human climbing frame for the small ones. Shattered from a day on my feet I am then subjected to becoming their very own gymnasium where it is perfectly acceptable to have 3 toddlers standing on my head. 

This weeks theme is Autumn. For most people Autumn is a time where you can take your kids conkering, collect colourful leaves and enjoy cold crisp outings. For me it involves returning home to a garden where I reckon we house the entire population of conkers, it’s like a sea of conkers all in the name of creativity. 

Halloween is coming! For most people this means trick or treating, dressing up or maybe even a party. Not for us. The house has already started to become decorated with halloween merchandise. Hannah is getting increasingly excited about the build up. This scares me. I have already been sent on an aldi run to get the best halloween bargains. So not only has my once tranquil and peaceful house become a nursery it is now quickly becoming count draculas second home. 

What I will say is the children who have the pleasure of being cared for by ‘Mrs Childcare Adventures’ have such an amazing experience each and every day. Children have the most exciting trips out to places like the butterfly centre, chatsworth or home days where the activities are endless. To know that our very own son Albie shares this experience is so comforting and I couldnt be prouder of Hannah for being so incredibly passionate and driven at what she does.

Part 2 to follow soon!

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