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Family ❤

In the midst of our extremely busy lives, the importance of family can sometimes go missing for a while. I decided that every year around our children’s birthdays we should get some pictures taken in order to cherish our moments together as a family.

This year we we’re lucky enough to have some photos taken by Duncan at Fifteen Photography. I started looking after his son in April and by following their photos on social media I fell in love with his passion for photography and the absolutely incredible photos that he takes. It is clear to see how passionate he is about photography and how his family moments are captured so beautifully and so I asked if he would be up for taking some of us! (Luckily he said Yes!) 

Duncan planned a route around Sheffield city centre where we met him and then we went up to Lady Cannings Plantation for the rest. What I thought was just lovely was that their was no time restrictions and he was more than happy to shoot us, and on his sunday! In fact he actually said to us that we would have to tell him when we’d had enough as he loves it so much! 

During the shoot we all remembered how special it is to be a family and as more photos were taken the love got stronger! I said to Nick after that Duncan managed to reignite the love in our family and I truly mean that, whatever happened yesterday was really special and I will remember that day for a very long time (and luckily have lots of beautiful pictures too!) 

I’m so in love with all the photos I’ve seen so far and cannot recommend doing this enough! Photos are a part of everyday life now but to actually have someone else capturing your story as a family is incredible

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To find out more about Fifteen Photography:

Website Instagram Facebook

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