Childcare Ideas

My Story Stones Rock!

This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on some story stones from My Story Stones Rock 😊 It took me absolutely ages to choose which ones as there are so many beautiful designs and so many learning opportunities for them all! I decided eventually to choose some that would be the most practical at the moment for us and went for the ‘nursery rhymes’ set. Something I’ve been wanting to implement more of in my setting is singing time and everyone can do with a bit of inspiration on what songs to sing next! There is no doubt however that I will be purchasing more in the future!!

They arrived in such beautiful packaging with each stone individually wrapped with a little heart stuck on (the little things!) The kids loved choosing a ‘present’ out of the drawstring bag and unwrapping it to see what was inside….. (which of course was a special activity in itself!)

I always like to think of nice/ different ideas to give to children for birthday and Christmas presents (or just any present!) And think these are a really good gift idea as I highly doubt the kids will already have these😊

The stones are so beautifully handcrafted and special and I’m sure they will be loved for a long time here with both the children I care for and my own children of course ❀

If you get chance go and have a peek πŸ‘€

Click here!

You won’t regret it !

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