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Do Something Creative With Your Small People πŸ˜

I have always loved creating things ever since I was little and when I look back on my own childood I can remember creating little worlds in our family front room out of cardboard boxes with my brother and making little homes for the ‘borrower’s’ in an old cupboard under the stairs! I absolutely love creating things and spend hours and hours doing so (Even now!)

Whilst studying for my Early years teaching degree at Sheffield Hallam my creativity spark was reignited! The seminars were very hands on and we were often given time to just play and explore in order to experience what it is like to be little and learn the importance of learning through play and how we can extend that learning 😊

We were set tasks/homework to do at home and at the time I remember thinking what on earth is the point in that. But in reflection now I learnt SO much! One of the things we got asked to do was to create a story in a box! I chose the Gruffalo which will FOREVER be my absolute favourite story ever. Luckily I had my own small person to help and a husband (who we discovered had a hidden talent for making trees) and together we created this box:

I absolutely love the early years and so it’s a huge bonus for me now that I can be so creative in what I do with the children. Whether you flick through my Instagram pictures or follow me on here you can probably tell just how much creative stuff we do and I hope in some small way I inspire you to be creative too😊

Working with lots of children it’s really important to me to make sure that the stuff I use is safe and as we use lots of arts and crafts stuff I wanted to find a small business to support rather than just promoting a large company all the time! I was very pleased when after hours of browsing on Instagram I discovered tinylandplay β€ Alison – The lady behind this account is so lovely and she saves me an awful lot of time by using her ready made materials for example: salt dough, play dough, finger paints e.t.c. 

The product we use the most at the moment is the edible finger paints. These have been used for all sorts of different painting with the littlest children and it’s reassuring to know that if they do put their fingers in their mouths it’s not harmful! 

Independent painting using a paintbrush🎨
Painting trains πŸš‚
‘Slug painting’
Apple printing 🍏
Leaf printing 🍁
Finger print Autumn leaves πŸ‚

We also got some lavender scented salt dough and this was a big hit with all the children πŸ‘«. With the younger children we made finger print pendants for them to take home and with the older children they created all sorts of weird and wonderful things! 

I have just ordered some ‘mud’ cake mix for our new mud kitchen and some Halloween coloured paints which we are looking forward to getting creative withπŸ‘ 
I hope this will inspire you to go do something creative no matter how big or small and if you haven’t already you should check out the creative things Alison makes as they are lovely !❀

You can find all the products Alison makes here πŸ˜Š

And remember….

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