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Swimming Lessons With Otter Tots ๐ŸŠโ€โ™‚๏ธ

I believe that learning to swim is one of the most important things a child can learn and so I knew that I always wanted to make sure that my children attended swimming lessons no matter what.

Both Ivy and Albie started swimming lessons straight after they’d had their baby jabs. Ivy joined another swimschool for a term but then we couldn’t continue as I was going to university to complete my teaching degree. I continued to take Ivy swimming along with my mum and step dad in order to keep her confidence up in the water and when she was about 4 I decided to get her proper swimming lessons and was recommended Otter tots by a friend.

Otter tots is a swim school in Sheffield run by Victoria and Alistair who are both just so lovely, friendly and welcoming ! They teach in pools in Ecclesall, Norton and Spinkhill in Sheffield and Ashgate in Chesterfield. I booked Ivy in for a term of lessons at Mylnhurst school in Sheffield without knowing much about them or their swim school and we felt welcomed straight away.

Some of the children in Ivy’s class had been swimming since they were babies and already knew one another which was something I was worried about for her but the teacher made her feel so welcome and confident in the water that she slotted in straight away.

Ivy has come on leaps and bounds in the water and her confidence has developed massively. She has really gained from being part of a different group not just her school class and making different ‘Swimming’ friends.

I got a good vibe from the teachers straight away and as soon as we found out my due date with Albie we booked him in with them too before he was even born!

At the moment we visit the pool twice a week – on a Wednesday with Albie and on a Sunday with Ivy.

Albie at 4 months old

I love taking Albie to our weekly session as it is always nice to meet different mummies with babies the same age but also to see Victoria and have a weekly natter and giggle!

The baby sessions are based around songs and toys to stimulate them which I just love and you can tell how much the lessons are planned and thought through. I often ask Victoria why we are doing what we are doing and she’ll quickly explain the reasoning behind it all which is very clever!

Albie has come on so much and absolutely loves the water. He is now beginning to hold onto the side and doesn’t flinch one bit when he gets dunked (submerged is the proper word of course)! He squeals with excitement the moment he gets in and doesn’t stop smiling till he leaves.

The lessons are fun and enjoyable but also very educational for example teaching the babies safety techniques; encouraging babies to hold on to the pool side and teaching them how to crawl in and out of the pool safely which is just incredible to watch.

Ottertots follow the STA International Awards System ‘to provide a complete, progressive, aquatic pathway for learners of all ages’ and I definitely can’t recommend them enough. Both of my kids LOVE their teachers and I admire their passion in the water!

We LOVE Ottertots โค

Thank you so much Victoria and Alistair ๐Ÿ˜Š


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