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The 5 Year Age Gap Between My Small Ones πŸ˜Š

Since having Albie last October, I have often been asked how our 5 year age gap between our children works and so decided to write up my thoughts for you all to read 😍

Ivy was born in 2011 when I was only 20 years old and was quite a *suprise* to say the least. I had dreams and ambitions to go to university and to complete my teaching degree and panicked that I would never be able to achieve what I set out to do. I spent a long time working out how I could still continue my own dreams but also become a mummy ❀ I knew I always wanted children and so the fact that it happened a bit earlier than planned was just a twist in the life plan!

I ended up going to Sheffield Hallam University when Ivy was 6 weeks old (crazy i know!) and began my degree in Early Years Education with qualified teacher status. With a 3 year degree and an NQT year to complete I knew it was inevitable that the age gap between my children would be a pretty big one but equally I accepted this as I felt it was also very important that I didn’t give up on my own hopes and dreams.

Fast forward a few years and I gained my degree, got pregnant, passed my NQT year and had my little boy Albie! Albie was born in October 2016 and so there is a 5 year and 1 month age gap between my two and we had absolutely no idea how this would work for us as a family but it has been PERFECT😍😍

Ivy came to all our scans and appointments and was part of our baby journey with us. She always wanted our baby to be a boy and so it was very helpful that he was!! Ivy enjoyed telling the world she was going to have a baby brother by handprinting my bump!

She helped to choose everything for her new brother even his name although unfortunately ‘hedgehog’ didn’t quite make the cut.

When Albie was born, Ivy came out of school to visit us in hospital as soon as it was suitable for her to do so and from that day on they have been the best of friends. In my experience I think it was really helpful for Ivy to be a huge part in Albie’ s life from the moment we knew she was going to be a big sister and so she was the first person we told.

It all worked so well as I was able to settle Ivy into her first year of school before Albie came along and then during my maternity leave I only had one to contend with during the day which meant that both Ivy and Albie benefited from having my full attention during their super tiny days.

Luckily, Ivy has still not gone through a jealous phase yet and adapted so well to no longer being the only child. She has loved learning all about her baby brother and thinks the world of him which melts my heart every day. They play together, bath together and sometimes even sleep together…. ❀

I often wondered how they would play together and how our weekends and family time would work with such a big age gap between them. Would they be interested in the same things? Would we be able to go on outings that entertained both children? Would I be able to set up activities that they both enjoy?

These worries have never had an impact in our life and Albie has slotted into our family so beautifully. The fact that Ivy is a whole 5 years older has meant that she understands more about what is going on, she helps Albie and enjoys having responsibilities for him. She happily shares and gives her old and new things to Albie and teaches him new things daily.

I’m not here to say it’s all perfect as I’m sure it won’t always be that way but for now my first year of having 2 children couldn’t have gone more beautifully.

If ever I considered having more children or if anyone asks my advice I would ALWAYS have a big age gap now 😊 luckily age is on my side for this to be achievable and so I have learnt that when things knock your life plan it can actually make it take the best direction you could have ever dreamed of ❀

What age gap do you have between your children? How does it work for you?

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