Childcare Ideas

Little Brian Paint Sticks

So recently I managed to get my hands on some Little Brian Paint Sticks and I have to say we absolutely love them!

The paint is child friendly and is also water soluble so easy to clean up any little messes (although it will stain clothes so be careful!) The paint stick is a solid paint that twists up and down a bit like a glue stick and you can paint on paper, card, glass…

For the little ones they will love just mark making on whatever your drawing on. The paint stick resembles a really chunky pen so is very easy to hold for little fingers. For the bigger ones there’s a few different techniques to try with the paint sticks. You can blend the colours together by using a damp cloth to smooth them together or you can create a watercolour effect by simply using water with your paint sticks.

Something we can’t wait to try is scraping… you paint some paper with your paint sticks in whatever way you want, let it dry and then paint over a layer of black paint. When that’s dry you can scrape patterns onto the black paint and the colours underneath will come through!

The kids have loved drawing on the windows and seeing the sunshine streaming in through their pictures.

You can get the Little Brian Paint Sticks from their website. They come in packs of either 12 or 6 in Orginal, Metallic and day glo.

I’ll be giving away a pack of original colour paint sticks over on my Instagram shortly! So head over and follow me to be in with a chance.

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