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Polzeath!! ⛱

For seven wonderful days we escaped our busy lives in Sheffield to spend some of our summer holiday in beautiful Polzeath in Cornwall! My mum goes to Polzeath in Cornwall every year along with my step dad, two dogs and whichever children that wish to join them. This year we joined in the family fun. It was our second time visiting Polzeath and it is such a great place for families to relax and have fun.

wp-image-956608844Our adventure began at 5am (😴) and took a whopping SEVEN HOURS!! (Well it should have been five hours according to the Sat Nav but was more like seven due to the many hold ups on the roads and the occasional McDonald’s stop 😉). With the help of an Ipad, light up spinny toy, numerous snacks and a few children’s CDs to keep the small ones entertained we arrived at the beautiful Cornish coast by midday relatively unscathed…

Polzeath is a popular location for families due to the constant surf and the very relaxed way of life. Ivy jumped straight into the Polzeath way of life with a surf lesson from Surfs Up Surf School. wp-image-938061266

She was lucky enough to have a 1:1 lesson and amazed us all with how well she did. She went under a few times but was absolutely determined to get stood up on the board and didn’t cry once! I think it helped having an instructor (we might have had a few tantrums otherwise) but she was a complete star and so proud of herself after the lesson.


Aside from surfing one of the loveliet things to do in Polzeath is walk along the cliff tops and beaches to Rock for a hot chocolate (with squirty cream and marshmallows of course!) Plus, what’s a walk along the beach without a little paddle? The kids loved splashing about and considering this is England I’m writing about the water wasn’t too cold!

All along the coast there are lots of little beaches to explore, many with wonderful rock pools and coves for a bit of crabbing or just for a slightly warmer paddle (if your anything like me even thought the kids are waist deep and loving it the sea felt freezing on my toes!)


We loved finding a small rock pool that Ivy christened our own mini swimming pool! Plus it meant I could see the bottom… I do hate standing in open water with the constant fear that something is going to bite my feet… 😱)


Mostly our holiday was based around the sea and we all spent a lot of time in wetsuits! Even Albie. If you’re going to spend a lot of your holiday in the water, wet suits are a necessity. The wet suits save you from the elements and make the experience a pleasure rather than a chore, although there are the brave ones who wade into the sea in just their Speedos and bikinis…. Not ME at all!

There are lots of steep steps to most of the wonderful beaches, so our Nico babysling was by far one of the best and most used possessions of the week. Ivy enjoyed a number of shoulder rides and luckily enough there was a number of strong men to each have a go!

Just along from Polzeath is Rock. Rock has a busy ferry crossing to Padstow. We only visited Padstow once this holiday but I particurlarly love the seaside stalls set up round the harbour and seeing all the kids crabbing. If you’re in the area definitely give Padstow a visit. I could spend hours crabbing but Nick doesnt share this love with me… wp-image-2133208134

I managed a child free day in Padstow and along with my mum and brother visited Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant as a special treat. I’m not usually a foodie but I would definitely like to return here as the food we had incredible and not too pricey compared to what I was expecting.


I have to say one of the moments I enjoyed most on this holiday was one evening when a local band was playing in Polzeath and we all ended in dancing on the streets. Ivy and Albie both loved this and there was a lovely community feel, something I often think lacks these days for kids in the city. Along the beach front there’s a lovely weekly minver silver band procession and families are encouraged to join in the marching band. Its great to have a bit of a song and dance, especially on holiday!


There’s many a summer fetes on church fields and cricket pitches with traditional games, coconut shys, book stalls and of course coffee and cakes in the church hall. The welly wanging competition and the human fruit machine proved very popular. Ivy even managed to win £2 on the human fruit machine!! Meals around the tables were relaxed and provided a chance for story telling about the days activities and plans for tomorrow. The lads even got in a football match midweek. Oh and there is celebrity spotting of course with sightings of Damian Lewis, Tony Adams, Gordon Ramsay just to name a FEW!!


The whole family thoroughly enjoyed spending the week in Polzeath and it’s a holiday I’ll look back on with fond memories. If you ever have the chance get yourself down to Cornwall….


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