Wilderness Festival 2017

Last weekend we had the opportunity to grab some last-minute tickets to the Wilderness festival. Although I’ve never been to a festival before it’s always been on my bucket list, so we decided to jump at the opportunity.  As a family we can often be found doing things on a whim!

I researched what the festival was all about and the more I  found out the more I realised it was just perfect for us. I love things for all the family, mindfulness and wellbeing and the Wilderness festival just fit the bill!!

Only three of the family made the trip down to Oxfordshire as Ivy was already booked for a weekend away and so didn’t join this time ☹️ (she has a much better social life than me these days!)  As it turned out this was probably for the best as we’re definitely going back next year and now we know everything we need to take without a 5-year-old filling the car with all sorts…

Working all week with CHILDCARE ADVENTURES it was Nick’s task to organise packing and making sure we had everything we needed. (Which I have to say, he did a rather good job of… Just don’t tell him that 😜)

So at 5:30pm on Thursday evening we set off on our first festival adventure… only to get 10 mins in and realise we forgot the tickets! Once we collected the tickets we enjoyed a very relaxing journey down chilling out in the car to Ed Sheeran’s album on repeat.  My particular favourite is ‘What do I know?’ it’s my happy song at the minute. We luckily arrived before darkness and Albie slept for the whole journey! Yipppeee. But he was up the minute the car entered the festival grounds! He must have felt our excitement! He got stuck in helping with the unpacking and sorting daddy’s beer! (His little wristband was so cute)


Tent up and off we went to explore and get some grub (which I must add was AMAZING!!!!). We grabbed an early night to be up bright and early ready to explore the festival during the day. Albie slept like a dream, however some of the children around us had different ideas with one child screaming at 12am, 3am and then again at 5am… Earplugs are a definite family festival recommendation!!

I’m not that into music, so most of our festival centered around enjoying what else the festival had to offer (Which was A LOT!) – massage, palm readings, clothes, homemade jewellery, kids shows, kids activities, hair braiding, craft workshops, dancing and LOADS of nice food! There’s literally something for everyone!

If you can get yourself down to the Wilderness Festival next year, its honestly ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!





Family Festival recommendations: ear plugs, snacks, drinks, sun cream, a baby sling, bucket loads of wipes, hand sanitizer, an actual camera (which we forgot…)festival cart and a bum bag!

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