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New Buggy!

I recently acquired a new triple buggy and thought I’d give it a little review…

Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo accessory seat (Triple) 

Until recently I was making do during my childcare hours with a double stroller and a sling (I still use both just more at the weekends with my two) which are fabulous but with my growing numbers I needed something just as sturdy and easy to use but that could simply fit more kids comfortably and preferably keeping my hands free!!

I did some research into triple buggies, speaking particularly to mums with triplets on what they think works best and time and time again the Adventure Buggy Company aspire buggy came up.

One of the biggest drawbacks with a triple buggy can be the sheer size, which is not always doorway friendly but because of the arrangement of the aspire (a double stroller with a detachable seat up the top) this isn’t even an issue. They even do quads in a similar arrangement!

I contacted the adventure buggy company who were amazing at working with me to find what I needed. I have to admit it’s not a cheap option but I firmly believe you get what you pay for. Its a great buggy for going off-road, which with the amount of time I like to spend outside is great!

Features for the buggy from the Adventure Buggy Co. website

The triplet stroller from Adventure Buggy Co:

  • Can be used as a double buggy by removing the extension bar and upper accessory seat.
  • May be converted into a quad buggy simply by removing the solo accessory seat, and adding the Duolo accessory seat. This makes the Aspire unique to other prams for triplets.
  • Features seats that recline independently of each other, making each seat suitable for newborns through to toddlers.
  • Is hand-constructed from tough tubular steel to keep your children safe, and to provide product durability.
  • Travels on four wheels, all designed for maximum manoeuvrability. The front wheels swivel or can be locked; there is a simple spring-release button to get them moving again.
  • Fits through standard sized doorways.
  • Has an adjustable handlebar to make it easy for you to push.
  • Can be collapsed in one simple action, and when assembling it locks automatically into the upright position.
  • Folds flat for easy transportation and storage of the pushchair for triplets.
  • Keeps your child safe with the five-point safety harness.
  • Provides additional security with the padded front safety bar. Not only does this keep your child secure, but it also provides growing infants with a handhold that helps them sit upright.
  • Comes with a sun mesh that provides added sun protection.
  • Also comes with a heavy-duty rain cover.
  • Has a large zipped waterproof storage bag that easily detaches from the twin stroller.

I really like the fact that the two children on the bottom can communicate with eachother and the one on the top can communicate with you 😊

We go absolutely everywhere now with this stroller and for me another great point is that not only can I get out and about with three kids but due to the massive under basket I can also carry more than enough stuff around for us all too 👍

This pram is just perfect for our adventures 😍 Thank you!!

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